Scaniazz in Gothenburg 4Scaniazz in Gothenburg 4. The tunes performed are: Buttons (incomplete), Every Tub, Bimbo, Buffalo Blues, Doctor Jazz, After You’ve Gone, Little Willie Blues, Long Deep and Wide and Black Bottom Stomp (…) view live recordingScaniazz in Gothenburg 4

Scaniazz, The Bus 1981Scaniazz, January 1981. “The Bus!” It was our second home- sometimes the first. The method was simple (…) view pictureScaniazz, The Bus 1981

Scaniazz Breda Jazz Festival 1977Scaniazz, Breda Jazz Festival 1977. Agneta Engström, Hans Bendroth, Paul Bocciolone Strandberg, Björn Ekman, Stefan Kärfve and Frans Sjöström (…) view pictureScaniazz, Breda Jazz Festival 1977

Scaniazz in Gothenburg 3Scaniazz in Gothenburg 3. The tunes performed are: Shine, Travelling Blues, Log Cabin Blues, Santa Claus Blues, Mr. Jelly Lord, Little Willie Blues and Canal Street Blues (…) view live recordingScaniazz in Gothenburg 3

Jingle Bells at the MuseumIt’s time for the captain to put you on track to a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (…) view videoJingle Bells at the Museum

Scaniazz plays Bull Fiddle BluesScaniazz plays Bull Fiddle Blues (…) view movieScaniazz plays Bull Fiddle Blues

Scaniazz plays CopenhagenScaniazz plays Copenhagen (…) view movieScaniazz plays Copenhagen

The Absalon Orchestra 1985The Absalon Orchestra 1985. Left to Right: Benny Trapp, Jan Nilsson, Sven Bjerstedt, Björn Ekman, Jonas Eilert, Michael Cinthio and Paul Bocciolone Strandberg (…) view pictureThe Absalon Orchestra 1985

Scaniazz plays Sugar BabeScaniazz plays Sugar Babe (…) view movieScaniazz plays Sugar Babe

Scaniazz plays My Little IsabelScaniazz plays My Little Isabel (…) view movieScaniazz plays My Little Isabel

Scaniazz plays Richard M. Jones BluesScaniazz plays Richard M. Jones Blues (…) view movieScaniazz plays Richard M. Jones Blues

Scaniazz plays Big Fat Ma And Skinny PaScaniazz plays Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa (…) view movieScaniazz plays Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa